• Gold AUD86.9098 / gram ±2%
  • Updated: Oct 22, 2020 at 11:20
  • support@qoneco.com
  • 1300328029


How to Buy

Buying gold with Qoneco is simple, you simply navigate to the buy gold page and choose from the available category of products you wish to purchase. For example for gold coins, once selected, the page will display the different coins and weights available for you to purchase. You may then choose the number of product you wish to purchase. Once finalized please press “add to cart”

Once you have submitted the purchase order, you have entered into an irrevocable contract. You will then receive an invoice for amount agreed to your registered email. Once payment has been received your account balance will be updated to reflect the precise amount of gold you have purchased (e.g. 10g) and the portfolio value of your gold according to the intraday price of gold. You will be issued a certificate indicating title, ownership and the amount of gold owned.